Extremists Hindus training stone pelters Army against Kashmiris

Extremists Hindus training stone pelters Army against Kashmiris

ISLAMABAD: Extremists Hindu organisations in India have decided to save their Army from the Kashmiri stone pelters by training their own stone pelters Army against the Kashmiris.

A right-wing Hindu organisation in India is training its members to take on stone-pelters in Kashmir along with the army personnel deployed in the valley.

According to Indian media, 1,000 members of Kanpur-based Jan Sena will leave for the valley along with a truck loaded with stones to respond to attacks by Kashmiris.

The organisation’s head said that the members have been trained in stone-slinging, adding that they are planning to open training centres in Kanpur and adjoining areas to train members “the art of stone-slinging”. A video has also emerged showing volunteers receiving training.

The public army was formed late last month with 13,000 people registering for membership, Jan Sena’s head had said. He had also said that he plans to raise it to the national level.

Violence in Kashmir has spiked since the last months with several videos of Indian forces’ brutality surfacing.