China Cultural Exchange delegation visited Pakistan

China Cultural Exchange delegation visited Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: A Chinese cultural exchange delegation, representing the State Council Information Office, visited Pakistan during May 3 to 6.

During their stay, the delegation visited the Pakistan Senate, the Ministry of Information and the Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad, and also had a conference with friends from major media of Pakistan.

The delegation briefed on the development achievements of Xinjiang Autonomous Region; China in recent years regarding economics; social and cultural aspects as well as China's national and religious policies, and details of the efforts made by Chinese government in promoting the construction of the Road and Belt Initiative and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The delegation also exchanged views with officers and experts from Pakistan on issues of mutual concern.

Xing Guangcheng, the director-general of Institute of Chinese Borderland Studies, also the head of the Chinese delegation, pointed out that the smooth progress of the R&B initiative requires a good international environment and active participation of the countries along the corridor.

Xinjiang is located in the core area of the Silk Road economic zone. China-Pakistan economic corridor's starting points lies in Xinjiang. Hence, Xinjiang carries China and Pakistan's important mission in connecting the economic corridor.

Thus, how to guide people of all aspects in Pakistan to understand Xinjiang objectively, and to enhance their agreement on Xinjiang's development achievements since the reform and opening up is of great significance.

It is also very important for People of Pakistan to realize that the smooth progress of China-Pakistan economic corridor relies on Xinjiang's development and stability. In turn, it is of great significance for the construction of China-Pakistan community shared destiny.

Shiraz Latif, Director General External Publicity Wing, said that through the introduction of the Chinese delegation, he had a systematic understanding of Xinjiang's achievement regarding China's ethnic and religious policies. He hopes to have more opportunities to visit Xinjiang in the future.

Senator Mushahid Hussain told the delegation that he has visited China more than 70 times, and has visited Xinjiang almost 30 times.

Mushahid said Xinjiang is developing rapidly, every time he visits Xinjiang he would find some new changes. He believes Pakistan should have further coordination and cooperation with China in the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The two Countries should jointly cope with various challenges and difficulties.

Khalid Mahmoud, director of the Institute of Strategic Studies said that the Chinese government has vigorously promoted the construction and development of Xinjiang which is not only beneficial for the people of Xinjiang, but also beneficial for the people of Pakistan.

China and Pakistan, while strengthening pragmatic cooperation in various fields, should, in particular, strengthen mutual understanding between the two countries' societies.

China Xinjiang cultural exchange delegation's visit has enlightened all sectors of Pakistan to have a new understanding towards Xinjiang, China. (APP)