Pakistan government clarifies media reports over CPEC funds

Pakistan government clarifies media reports over CPEC funds

ISLAMABAD - Ministry of Planning and Development has clarified that no diversion of resources has been made from CPEC related projects.

A spokesperson of the ministry rejected as misleading the reports about diversion of funds of twenty four billion rupees to the lawmakers.

The spokesperson said reviewing Public Sector Development Programme 2018-19 in September last year, the Ministry kept an allocation of twenty seven billion rupees for CPEC and other initiatives.

He said allocations made for CPEC projects were as per requirement and demand of executing agencies for the current fiscal year. Despite rationalization of PSDP from 800 billion rupees to 675 billion rupees, allocations of on-going CPEC projects were protected.

The spokesperson said the government would start Regional Equalization Programme in consultation with provincial governments next year, to ensure balance and equitable regional growth, by starting projects in less developed districts of the country.