Indian Army is not Modi's personal property

Indian Army is not Modi's personal property

*NEW DEHLI - Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha, Ghulam Nabi Azad has said that Indian Army is not PM Modi's personal property.*

*He took Prime Minister Narendra Modi to task for his provocative approach against Pakistan.*

In an interview to Gulf News link, Azad said in harsh words, “The ruling party (BJP) under Prime Minister Modi is trying to gain political capital out of the prevailing India-Pakistan tension.

He is behaving as if this is his personal army.”

Lashing out at the BJP government for trying to exploit the current situation, the veteran leader noted, “Let us not forget that India comprises of many religions, regions and castes. No political party, not least the ruling dispensation should try and exploit this very precarious situation we find ourselves in.”

The Congress leader appealed to the government to display maturity.

During an informal conversation with journalists, Indian Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh also schooled the Indian prime minister saying, “Modi jee should avoid escalating tensions as; the war will not benefit anyone, rather than bringing destruction in the region.”

He further warned Prime Minister Modi of strong retaliation from Pakistan, in case of any provocation.