India's unholy nexus with anti Pakistan terrorist group TTP revealed: Report

India's unholy nexus with anti Pakistan terrorist group TTP revealed: Report

NEW DELHI – India and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan are in cahoots against Pakistan as both the entities are peddling similar propaganda to keep the fire of militancy and extremism raging in the country.

Pakistan’s eastern neighbour, through its media, is busy in propaganda that Pakistani security officials met the tribal elders to raise a tribal militia against India.

Citing so-called sources, a report by Times of India claimed on Wednesday that Pakistani security officials asked ethnic Pashtun elders and tribal leaders to form ‘defence militias’ and peace committees – without substantiating any evidence.

TOI alleged that Pakistan Army returned weapons to Marwat and Betani tribesmen, ignoring the fact that the weapons were seized to restore peace in the area and a public ceremony in this regard last week confirms that there was no dubious planning behind the move.

India is also trying to confuse the peace committees with militias, in a bid to deflect the attention of the international community away from the atrocities being committed in Jammu and Kashmir and to water down the criticism directed at it over recent aerial combat against Pakistan.

Pakistan’s neighbour is enlisting the support of a militant group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan which is also deeply engaged in propaganda against the country by inciting the tribals against the armed forces.

On the surface, it might appear a coincidence that TTP and India alleged Pakistan of using tribal elders, however, in the opaque world of regional influence, it sounds a well-planned strategy to tarnish the image of the armed forces of Pakistan.

Through a statement published on the internet, TTP has advised the tribals and Pashtuns on Wednesday to stay away from the Indo-Pak clash.

‘The Pashtuns are being used as a scapegoat in the war imposed by Pakistan itself,’ TTP insinuated in the statement.

The group alleged that the armed forces of Pakistan were hell bent to sacrifice the lives of the Pashtuns in a war against India – ignoring that India had violated the Line of Control first and Pakistan exercised restraint before shooting down its two fighter jets.

In a bid to demoralize the Pashtuns and tribal leaders, TTP has also threatened the locals to avoid staging rallies in the support of Pakistan Army.

‘Don’t form the peace committees,’ TTP addressed the Pashtuns who are on good terms with the armed forces of Pakistan for safeguarding the country.

After facing back to back blows from Pakistan on both aerial and naval fronts, India seems to enlist the support of TTP to sow confusion and mistrust between the tribals and the armed forces of Pakistan, a visible indication of which is pushing the propaganda with exactly the same timeline.