Syria: Aid convoy leaves Eastern Ghouta amid shelling

Syria: Aid convoy leaves Eastern Ghouta amid shelling

In Syria , a UN convoy delivering urgently needed aid to the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta has left the enclave amidst heavy shelling after delivering as much as it can in Douma town.

Earlier, United Nations said nearly 400,000 people, trapped inside the besieged enclave were already running out of food and medical supplies before the assault began with intense air strikes two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, latest strikes targeted frontlines near the town of Harasta and the villages of Beit Sawa and Hosh al-Ashari killed eighty people.

On the other hand, Russia has blamed Washington of ignoring the United Nations Security Council Resolution on the Syrian ceasefire.

Russian Defense Ministry commenting on a statement made by White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said it is Washington-controlled armed groups that have been attacking the Syrian government forces’ garrison in Eastern Ghouta .APP/AFP

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