Israel arming new terrorists in Syria including AlQaeda

Israel arming new terrorists in Syria including AlQaeda

JERUSALEM - *To Push Iran Back, Israel Ramps up Support for Syrian Rebels, Arming 7 Different Groups” reported by Tel Aviv newspaper Haaretz 21**st** Feb 2018*

The Six Day War also known as the third Arab-Israel War, fought in 1967, was the time when Israel captured Golan Heights from Syria and illegally occupied it, expelled majority of Syrian population, destroyed their entire villages and those who decided to stay, brutalities committed by Israeli Army forced them to flee Golan heights, allowing Israeli Administration to build Jewish Settlements.

Since the start of Syrian Civil War, Eastern Golan Heights have seen some serious destruction due to continuous battles fought by Israeli Proxies including Al Nusrah Front and ISIS against Syrian Arab Army backed by Iran and Russia, linking it to demand made by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu back in 2015 (asking US to recognize its claim over Golan Heights as it is unlikely that Syria would be reunified again) opens a whole new paradox of why would Israel want an unstable Syria and why Israel is so eager to win its claim over Golan Heights.

Israel has used Syrian Civil War as a shelter to promote its interest and solidify as well as expand its control in Golan Heights under Offensive Realist paradigm and is also working to create a buffer zone of almost 90-100 Km between Syrian Government held Territory and Illegal occupation of Golan Heights by Israeli Forces and to create a buffer zone, what works best is a bunch of rebels and terrorists, whom Israel would use as a proxy, provide them medical facility, arm them with modern weapons, provide them modern technology, fill up their pockets to keep their moral up, provide them air cover (as we saw last month 3 Israeli Jets were Shot Down by Syrian Air Defense Forces in Syria) and finally use them to portray the Israeli Hegemony in the region.

Being a rational actor in Syrian Civil War, Israelis knows well that they cannot land their forces inside Syria for creating a buffer zone as it would lead to head on clash with Russia, Iran and Syrian Arab Army as well as weaken its narrative in Syria , losing popular support within its proxies because the locals fighting for Israel in fact doesn’t really know that who they are really fighting for (only the leaders of terrorist cell do), as Israel’s whole narrative of proxy war is built on an illusion, an illusion that fighting against Syrian Arab Army would help Syrian People live a better life.

Only if those poor people could really know what greater agenda their true enemies have for them and against them which is indeed using them for the expansion of Israel and continue its illegal occupation of not just Palestine but also Golan Heights in Syria .

Writer: Hamza Amir Khalil Sayed