Court orders police to arrest Rao Anwar

Court orders police to arrest Rao Anwar

KARACHI: Arrest warrants have been issued against Rao Anwar and 15 other police officer in the murder case of four persons.

The court has ordered police to arrest Anwar and bring him in court on March 8.

This is the first time that an anti-terror court has issued arrest warrants against the police officer.

The former SSP Malir is wanted in the Naqeebullah murder case and has been declared a fugitive.

Police representatives in court stated that they were hunting Rao Anwar but it appears that he has gone underground.

On 13th January, Rao Anwar to have killed four Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan men in  shootout near Shah Latif Town in Karachi.

He also claimed Naqeebullah was working for the Taliban under an alias. APP/AFP

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