What suggestion PPP present over military court issue

What suggestion PPP present over military court issue

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says there is a broader consensus on the extension of military courts and the government will consider the suggestions made by other political parties.

Talking to media outside Parliament House in Islamabad on Monday afternoon along with Law Minister Zahid Hamid, he said today's NA session was also convened for political consultations as it was the demand of all political parties.

Ishaq Dar said whole nation is united to eradicate the menace of terrorism.

He said the draft document received from Pakistan Peoples' Party contains nine suggestions regarding military courts which will be considered by us. He said PPP has suggested to reduce duration of military courts from two years to one year. They also called for the inclusion of a session judge in the military courts .

Speaking on the occasion, Law Minister Zahid Hamid said consensus was developed on draft bill regarding military courts . However, the draft presented by PPP contains some basic changes which will be examined in consultation with all political parties.

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