Indian Military expands search for missing IAF Military Jet

Indian Military expands search for missing IAF Military Jet

NEW DELHI – The Indian Air Force said on Wednesday it had expanded the area of search for the An-32 aircraft that had taken off with 13 people aboard from the city of Jorhat on Monday and went missing.

“#IAF has intensified efforts to locate the missing AN-32. Despite challenges posed by vegetation, inhospitable terrain & poor weather,the search has been expanded,” the air force said on Twitter.

According to the Indian Air Force, helicopter flights of the search and rescue mission on Wednesday were significantly hampered by adverse weather conditions, but the ground forces intend to continue the searches for the aircraft even at night.

The plane took off at 12.25 local time (06.55 GMT) on Monday and headed to the neighboring state of Arunachal Pradesh, where an hour later it was supposed to land at a military airfield near the village of Mechuka. However, the connection with the aircraft was then lost.

On the same day, the Indian military, together with government and civilian structures, launched a large-scale search operation. The country’s air and ground forces, navy and even space satellites are involved in the searches.