Top PML N leader regrets treatment met to Jemima Khan in Pakistan

Top PML N leader regrets treatment met to Jemima Khan in Pakistan

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Barrister Zafarullah Khan on Tuesday stated that the way Jemima Khan was criticised by the nation was a shameful move on its part.

Talking in a program on a private news channel, the PML-N leader said this nation is under the debt of Jemima.

“I am ashamed of what we did with Imran Khan’s former wife Jemima Khan .”

“Although I have political differences with PTI, but our people did wrong with Jemima and I am ashamed of it,” he said, adding we criticised her by calling her a Jew although Prophet (PBUH) has allowed marriage with a Jew woman.

“Secondly, if she said that she is Muslim, we are no one to dismiss that,” Khan said.

The barrister further said that he considers Jemima Khan an honourable lady for two main reasons.

“Even after her divorce with Imran Khan , she handed over the affidavit of Bani Gala residence to PTI chief stating that she bought this property and after their separation, she cannot keep it,” PML-N leader said, adding that this shows her grace.

Explaining the second reason, he said the daughter Seeta White-who is allegedly the illegitimate daughter of Imran Khan is being brought up by Jemima. “Because her father and Seeta White’s father are close friends,” he said, adding if anyone has done anything wrong with her, it should not have been done.

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