Imran Khan breaks silence over Reham Khan's upcoming book

Imran Khan breaks silence over Reham Khan's upcoming book

ISLAMABAD : Imran Khan has given a cool response to the controversial book from her former wife Reham Khan .

Imran Khan is not worried,” Hamza Ali Abbasi has said, adding that Reham Khan is working on someone’s plan. He said that Imran Khan doesn’t care about the book. “I have given him the manuscript and asked him what should we do about it?” He said Mr. Khan replied that he doesn’t care.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and popular actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has claimed that Reham Khan was planning to influence people in Pakistan through her book before the elections.

Reham Khan , a former journalist and ex-wife of Imran Khan , is planning to publish her tell-all book soon.

Hamza Ali Abbasi claimed that one of Reham’s team members had sent her the manuscript.

“Reham Khan hasn’t denied that it’s not her book,” Abbasi said, while speaking to a private television channel. “I am 100% sure it is the manuscript of her book.”

Mr. Abbasi said that nobody hacked Reham’s email account. “One of her team members sent this manuscript.”

He said Reham Khan leveled heinous allegations against the PTI women leaders and wrote that all of them had affairs with the party chairman.

Abbasi added that Reham Khan leveled baseless allegations against former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram and his late wife Dr. Huma in her book.

“Wasim Akram and her late wife were involved in unethical activities,” Hamza claimed that Reham Khan wrote in her book

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