How Afghan Taliban are financing the Afghanistan war

How Afghan Taliban are financing the Afghanistan war

KABUL: Farmers and members of the provincial council in the northern province of Baghlan said Sunday that the Taliban have imposed illegal taxes on them to finance their war quotes TOLO News.


They said that the Taliban has ordered that for every 70 kilogram of wheat, seven kgs must be given to the Taliban as usher (tax). Farmers said that the Taliban issue them forms after collecting the tax.


"Taliban collects tax and gives forms, they collect seven kg wheat from each 70 kg," said a local farmer Khawja Habib.


"Taliban ask people for taxes, they collect one pack of wheat or more than that sometimes," a local resident Alam said.


They called on the government to address the issue quoted Tolo News.


"Taliban collect tax and dominate," another resident Gul Mir said.


"Taliban collects taxes and the government does not take action, people are forced to do whatever the Taliban order," farmer Sher Alam said.


Similar reports have surfaced about tax collection by the Taliban in areas under their control in the past.


"The Taliban impose a tax on people to get funding to continue the fight against government. The highway is under the control of Taliban, all villages are under control of the Taliban and they collect tax," said Shasulhaq Barakzai, a member of the provincial council.

It is said that currently the Taliban control hundreds of villages in Baghlan and in many other provinces.


Taliban are controlling the highways and roads and taxes are being imposed on the highways by the Taliban Commanders.


Local Police is in knowledge of the Afghan Taliban tax collection but they are unable to stop them.


Afghan Taliban have been controlling the highways and the Afghan Government authorities are restricted to Kabul and few other main cities where also Afghan Taliban have modest presence.


It is perceived that Afghan Government and the ANSF forces would not be alone able to save Kabul from Taliban onslaught if US and NATO forces exit from Afghanistan at this stage.


Taliban are collecting taxes on the crops production, imposing Highway tolls and collecting money from the rich other than the funds people are contributing towards the Afghan Taliban movement.


However Afghan Taliban have been blamed for the drug money use for the Afghan War by the Government circles whereby evidences exists of Afghan Government itself involved in the drug trade.


The weapons, arms and ammunition is also attained from the Afghan National Security Forces ANSF deserting soldiers who are either quitting or deserting to Afghan Taliban ranks.


Afghan Taliban are collecting taxes and highway tolls from the Afghan citizens and running the parallel government in the rural Afghanistan.