Tajikistan wants to trade through Gwadar Port: PM

Tajikistan wants to trade through Gwadar Port: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has returned back home after the tour of Central Asian state Tajikistan.

He was talking to journalists on board his plane while returning home after completing his two-day official visit to Tajikistan.

The prime minister said Tajikistan wants to further strengthen communication links with Pakistan. He said the Tajik president expressed desire for trade through Gwadar port.

He said Pakistan wants to have better relations with the neighbouring countries. He said the deteriorated situation in Afghanistan has left negative impact on the region.

Earlier in Tajikistan, Nawaz Sharif said that Pakistan needs energy for its socio-economic development and to run its industrial sector to its full potential. He said the project would help generate employment opportunities and uplift standards of living of people of Pakistan.