India will pay for its provocations: Global Times

India will pay for its provocations: Global Times
BEIJING: The Global Times, a widely respected Chinese newspaper, has published an editorial in which it has stated that it is high time that India should pay for its provocations.

Things have been quite tense at the Sikkim sector between India and China over the past couple of weeks. While India contends that China does not have the right to build a road along that strip, the Chinese have warned India to withdraw its troops from what they refer to as Chinese territory.

The stand-off has inspired a couple of editorials from the hawkish Global Times and the latest one calls for China to muster international support against India and clamour for Bhutan's sovereignty which has been subjugated by India.

"The world should pay attention to New Delhi's bullying of tiny Himalayan countries. The international community must be aware of Bhutan's dilemma and prevent India from oppressing this small kingdom," claims the editorial.

"India has startling control and oppression over Bhutan, and as a result, Bhutan has not established diplomatic ties with its neighbor China or any other permanent member of the UN Security Council. Through unequal treaties, India has severely jeopardized Bhutan's diplomatic sovereignty and controls its national defense," it adds further.

The piece further points out that if China were to highlight India's sensitive issues, it would certainly be a decisive card to play against the country.

"In the past, China was wary of India playing the Dalai Lama card, but this card is already overplayed and will exert no additional effect on the Tibet question. But if Beijing adjusts its stance on India-sensitive issues, it could be a powerful card to deal with New Delhi."

The editorial piece ends by stating that although Beijing is superior to India as far as economy or military might is concerned, however, China must try to find other tools to put a halt to India's provocations.