Afghan Taliban warns US Military in Afghanistan

Afghan Taliban warns US Military in Afghanistan

Taliban on Monday accused the US government of violating the US-Taliban agreement signed in February in Doha.

The group claimed that the US has carried out airstrikes in Nangarhar, Helmand, and Kandahar provinces.

Taliban stated, the airstrikes were conducted in support of the Afghan infantry missions in these regions.

The statement indicates these strikes were carried out in non-combat areas, adding that “Such repeated violations by the Americans occurred two days ago when the US Secretary of State announced that (after the signing of the Doha Agreement, they were not attacked by the Mujahideen). This confession shows the commitment and commitment of the Islamic Emirate to the Treaty of Doha.”

Taliban said in the statement, “The Islamic Emirate warns once again that if the bombings and the Kandahar operation are not stopped as soon as possible and the bombings and operations against the Mujahideen continue contrary to the provisions of the treaty, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate will be forced to react seriously and the responsibility will be on the shoulders of the US government,”.

The statement was released hours after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted, that no US soldier was killed in almost a year by the Taliban, since the Doha peace deal.

US Forces to Afghanistan spokesman Col Sonny Leggett reacted to the Taliban’s claim in a tweet, “the Taliban’s accusations the US violated the US-TB agreement are false. US Forces have been clear & consistent: We will defend Afghan forces against TB attacks. We renew our call for all sides to reduce violence”.

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