Why Reham Khan has suddenly left Pakistan

Why Reham Khan has suddenly left Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - Reham Khan , former wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has suddenly left Pakistan.

She reveals that she has been ‘receiving threats’, a day after the anchor-turned-politician said she would finally break her silence on ‘certain matters’.

According to a private news channel, she had confirmed to them that she had flown on Sunday evening.

The anchor told the news outlet that she had been receiving threats through phone calls that were made to her staff.

She also reportedly shared, with the media outlet, an audio recording of the Reham Khan Foundation’s coordinator, saying he had been receiving threatening calls warning him about coordinating with Reham.

She said that she is being threatened since September last year, leading to her decision to leave the country.

The ex-wife of Imran went on to say that she had discontinued her daughter’s education. Reham added that she was “extremely distressed”, saying she didn’t have support of any kind from any political party.