US India conspiring covertly against CPEC to contain China

US India conspiring covertly against CPEC to contain China

ISLAMABAD - United States and India are making all out efforts to sabotage China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project by all means, but the fact is that no power in the world can sabotage this project.

All the countries in the world have their own national interests. The United States wants to stay in Afghanistan to monitor and counter China .

Beijing has also expressed willingness to motivate Kabul to be the part of CPEC. But Afghanistan is under the influence of the United States so it seems that it will be difficult for Afghan government to be the part of it.

China has always acknowledged the role of Pakistan in the fight against terrorism and reiterated its support to ensure the domestic security and stability of our country.

“The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor would result in Pakistan-China growing relationship and this is certainly unwelcome news for the United States, who had a cautious eye on both countries, but there was no way for Washington to directly intervene.

All the countries in the world want peace and stability in Afghanistan except India and United States, Air Marshal (Retired) Shahid Latif has said.

Stable Afghanistan is not in the interests of India and United States as both the countries have their own strategic interests.

The instability in land-locked country will remain as it is until and unless there is change in policies of Washington and New Dehli.

Both these countries are aware that China is determined to complete this mega project by any means.