Jammu and Kashmir is part of Pakistan: Mishaal Malik

Jammu and Kashmir is part of Pakistan: Mishaal Malik

ISLAMABAD: Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik’s wife Mishaal Malik expressed her grief over the Indian atrocities in Kashmir and protested against Indian forces over their brutality on Kashmiris.


As per details, she was talking to private news channel here at Kashmir day. Mishaal Malik made it clear that Jammu and Kashmir is the part of Pakistan and the support of Kashmiris will continue till the independence of Kashmir .


She added that the implementation on UN’s resolutions is the only solution of Kashmir dispute. Kashmiris are fighting for their rights in Kashmir but the silence of international community is beyond  understanding on the violation of human rights in Kashmir .


She further stated that India has always deceived Pakistan in the name of dialogues. The heart of Kashmiris beat with Pakistan and we will continue our struggle till the freedom of Kashmir .


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