Saudi Arabia to hang 15 Iranian on spying charges

Saudi Arabia to hang 15 Iranian on spying charges

A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced 15 people to death and jailed many more over an alleged spy ring that handed secret documents to Iran.

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The Government announced earlier this year that 30 Saudis, an Iranian, and an Afghan, all with links to the Iranian intelligence service, would stand trial.

The charges included the formation of a spy cell which fed back sensitive national security information to the Gulf state's biggest rival.

Suspects were also accused of meeting Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, of possessing weapons, forging documents and accepting bribes.

Moreover, they were accused of attempting economic sabotage, of trying to undermine social peace, spread chaos, incite sectarian strife and carry out "hostile acts" against the kingdom.

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Prosecutors accused the alleged spy ring of travelling to Iran and Lebanon for training on espionage techniques which included drafting coded messages.