Mariam Nawaz urges PEMRA to ban Ex. President Musharaf interviews


LAHORE: The daughter of PM Nawaz Sharif, Mariam Nawaz has demanded to PEMRA to ban the interviews of Ex. President Musharaf because he was a dictator and he does not have any right to tell how the state should function. In her tweet message, she said the interviews of Musharaf should be banned. In her first tweet, Maryam posted a question, asking who is a former dictator, charged with high treason, to tell the government how it should function. She went to question why is he even allowed to appear on TV. In his interview on private TV channel, Musharaf criticized government due to its policies and said people have to face problems due to government policies. He further said that government has failed to deliver the people of Pakistan. After the Musharaf statements, Mariam respond on tweet messages.