Pakistan presents own formula for UN Security Council expansion

Pakistan presents own formula for UN Security Council expansion

Pakistan has again called for increase in non-permanent seats of UN Security Council instead of permanent members.

Addressing Inter-Governmental Negotiations aimed at restructuring the Security Council, Pakistan' permanent representative to the UN Maleeha Lodhi, said adding more permanent members to the world body will not make it more representative, democratic and accountable.

Maleeha Lodhi called for expansion of the Security Council in the non-permanent category with possibility of re-election.

She said representation based on equitable geographic and regional distribution is the crux of Security Council reform.

She said the only way to ensure accountability is elections on fixed terms adding that without that process there can be no genuine political representation.

The Ambassador said the concept of regional representation cannot be assured by the permanent category.

With regard to representation of cross-regional and sub-regional groups like OIC and Arab Group, she said the options to address these aspirations would obviously increase with increase in size of the Council.