Mustafa Kamal gives another shock to Altaf Hussain 

KARACHI: Mustafa Kamal Party has succeeded to get another wicket of MQM as MQM sitting female MPA Bilqis Mukhtar announced to join Mustafa Kamal’s party here at today (Wednesday).


While addressing a press conference here at Pak Sar Zameen party office in Defense, she announced to quit MQM and decided to join Mustafa Kamal party. She is the first female member of newly-formed party of Mustafa Kamal.


Bilqis added that she wanted to raise same questions of Mustafa Kamal over his party leadership but she could not raise these questions due to party rules and regulations.


We were offspring’s of founders of Pakistan but we have become agent of RAW, she said, urging people to join Mustafa Kamal for the sake of Pakistan’s future.


She criticized MQM Quaid saying that he did not care about the respect of mothers and sisters because he used such a filthy language in his speeches before women which even could not be heard by men.


Speaking at the occasion, Mustafa Kamal congratulated Bilqis Mukhtar to join his party saying that thousands of people have joined Pak Sar Zameen party.