Lahore High Court accepts plea for disqualification of PM Nawaz over Panama Leaks

LAHORE: Lahore High Court has accepted the plea for hearing to disqualify PM Nawaz over the revelations of Panama Leaks.


As per details, the petition was submitted by PTI Lawyers Forum Vice President Gohran Sindho for the disqualification of PM Nawaz over the issue of Panama Leaks.


The petitioner took plea in his petition that politicians made their assets abroad, looting wealth of the country so they should be disqualified over the revelations of Panama Leaks and cases of money laundering should also be filed against them.


However, High Court office raised objection over disqualification of PM Nawaz in petition but petitioner approached High Court over the objection of High Court office.


While rejecting the objection of LHC office, LHC accepted petition for initial hearing and directed the office to finalize date for the hearing of plea.


It is also worthy to mention here that after Wiki leaks, Panama papers leaks have created a political crisis in the entire world including Pakistan while names of PM Nawaz family are also included in the list.