Arch Rivals Iran and USA unite in support of Iraqi PM

BAGHDAD: Arch Rivals Iran and USA united in support of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi who is facing inside threat to lose his government.


Both countries are holding talks with opposition powers not to step down Abadi.


US and Iranian senior officials warned that any attempt to unseat Abadi will affect the ongoing war against ISIS.


US Vice President Joe Biden said “The administration has signaled at all levels that effort to replace the prime minister or… other steps that would paralyze the government would be deeply counter productive to Iraq’s stability and the jin campaign to defeat Islamic State.”


An analyst Sajjad Jiyad said “The American, the Iranians and Sistani all had the same view: Abadi stays in power and puts new ministers in.”


The conflict rose when Abadi presented a list of 14 ministers to be replaced who are in power since US coalition in Iraq in 2003 who have collected wealth and influenced through corruption by using ethnic and sectarian quotas system.


Iraq is a major oil producing country but still people are facing unemployment and poor basic services due to corrupt ruling class.


Iraq was ranked at No. 161 out of 168 in the slot on Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index.