Indian Army official quits after complaints of harassment

Indian Army official quits after complaints of harassment

NEW DELHI -Indian Army official quits from the service after complaints of harassment by fellow officials.

Indian Army soldier Chandu Chavan, who inadvertently crossed into Pakistan in 2016, has said he is quitting the Indian Army due to incessant "harassment" in the force.

"Since I came back from Pakistan, I have been continuously harassed in the Army and am being looked at with suspicion, that is why I decided to quit," he said, PTI has reported.

Chavan has sent his resignation letter to his unit commander in Ahmednagar, sources close to him have said. Chouhan was captured by Pakistan Rangers and for four months, was beaten, tortured and almost killed before being handed over to India.

Last month, he met with an accident and remained admitted in a hospital with deep injuries to his face and skull. Chavan's four teeth broke and he also sustained abrasion below his eyebrow and left chin, as well as his upper lip.