Crackdown against non-filers launched: Dogar

Crackdown against non-filers launched: Dogar

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) member of National Assembly Malik Amir Dogar Thursday said government has started crackdown against non-filers to bring them in tax-net for strengthening the national economy.

Talking to private news channel he stressed economic situation is worst and bold steps are required to boost it as the incumbent government presented the mini budget just to expand the tax-net.

He said government is making the policies and taking steps with aim to generate more revenue and for facilitating the masses. He said Pakistan has invited Saudi Arabia to invest in the Beijing-funded, multi-billion dollar infrastructure corridor being constructed here.

Responding to a question he said PTI is a national party that believes in actions rather politics of criticism and processions like its opponents ,government is making history by its every initiative as it formed a special committee 2018 over allegation of election rigging by opposition even former governments did not leave such examples during their tenure.

He stressed government's welcoming gesture to criticism must be appreciated ,government itself asked opponents that they can raise questions and criticize the government in assemblies.

He said government is making policies to secure the future of generations ,provision of jobs and stability in the country are top priorities of the government.

Dogar was of the view that Prime Minister Imran Khan has honest sympathy for masses as he has reduced PM house expenses to show his commitment on justice for all.