"MUHAMMAD" becomes the most popular name in London


Muhammad was reportedly the most popular name in London. It was further called the second most frequently picked name by parents in diverse United Kingdom.

A latest survey in London and UK revealed some of the most common and popular parental picks for their children. It declared Muhammad as the most popular boys’ name while Amelia as the most popular girls’ name in London.

The survey considered London as well as the whole United Kingdom as population and took samples from various regions within. It was found that UK had a diverse class of citizens including British, Germans, Indians, Pakistanis, Irish, Scottish and more.

In girls’ names, Amelia was the most popular name when about 26 cities were taken into account. Emily, Sophie and Oliver were other popular selections by the parents.

Moreover, names of Germanic origin like Harry, Henry and Charlie was chosen the most by parents for their children. The survey was based on the year 2017.