China values Pakistan’s position on Kashmir, hope to resolve issue by talks

China values Pakistan’s position on Kashmir, hope to resolve issue by talks

BEIJING: Terming Kashmir an issue left over from the history between India and Pakistan, a Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Friday hoped that the two countries would properly settle this issue through consultation and negotiation.

"We always believe that Kashmir is an issue left over from the history between India and Pakistan, which we hope will be properly addressed by the two sides through consultation and negotiation,", Geng Shuang' said while responding to a question during his regular briefing here.

He said the Chinese side had been stressing that the building of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would not affect China's position on the issue of Kashmir.

When asked the Belt and Road Initiative was not "win-win" but controlled by China, he said there had been various interpretations about the Belt and Road initiative since it was put forward.

"We have noted viewpoints like the one you mentioned, which is a complete misunderstanding based on stereotype", he added.

The spokesperson said indeed, the initiative was put forward by China, but the construction had been undertaken by all sides.

"China does not want to play a solo or monopolize the microphone". Committed to the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, we want to discuss and do things together with others to produce benefits for all", he added.

He said the Chinese side was negotiating the outcome document with other countries attending the forum. It would be a result of extensive consultation, collective wisdom and consensus, instead of China's own view.

Geng Shuang confirmed that to date, over 100 countries and international organizations had made positive response to and voiced their support for the initiative, adding more than 40 countries and international organizations have signed cooperation agreements with China.

He said countries along the routes were active in synergizing development strategies and advancing cooperation programs. The enthusiasm for joint contribution is high with remarkable outcomes.

He said it was also worth mentioning that people of various circles from 110 countries would attend the forum.

If the Belt and Road was "controlled" by China and people could not share the benefits, they would not be so enthusiastic about it, he added.

He said all in all, the Chinese side would work together with all other participants to ensure the great success of the forum, further gather consensus, chart the course, work out plans, advance the outcomes and add fresh and stronger impetus to the initiative

About Chinese government's request to US President Trump not to meet Dalai Lama, he said the Chinese side had repeatedly stated its position on this issue.

He said the 14th Dalai Lama was not a simple religious figure but a political exile who had long been engaged in anti-China separatist activities.

"The Chinese side stands firmly against any foreign country's approval of Dalai Lama's visit and any foreign official's contact with him in any form," he added.

About China's financial transactions with North Korea, he stressed once again that the Chinese side always fully, accurately, faithfully and strictly implements the UN Security Council resolutions on North Korea.

He also reiterated that the Chinese side opposed any country's imposition of unilateral sanctions on other countries based on its domestic law.

Given that the current situation on the Korean Peninsula was complex, delicate and highly tense, it was all the more important that all relevant parties exercise restraint, avoid taking provocative moves and prevent the situation from escalating.

He said China's position on the Korean nuclear issue was consistent and clear, adding, "We are committed to denuclearization of the Peninsula, peace and stability on the Peninsula and peaceful settlement of the issue through dialogue and consultation". (APP)