Rescue 1122 Peshawar stunning 5 years performance

Rescue 1122 Peshawar stunning 5 years performance

PESHAWAR : (APP) Since its establishment in August 2010, Rescue 1122 has carried out around 80,000 rescue operations in Peshawar , saving lives of around 40,000 people and protecting the property worth billions of rupees from fire.

"The staff members of Rescue 1122 are providing round the clock service free of cost and are always on alert to meet any untoward incident," said Bilal Faizi , spokesman of Rescue 1122 .

Talking to APP here on the occasion of International Day of Fire Fighters , Bilal said the average response time to emergency of Rescue 1122 is five and a half minutes. Whereas, he continued, the standard international time of reaching to an emergency is seven minutes.

He said the fire fighters of Rescue 1122 have dealt around 2000 to 2200 incidents of fires in Peshawar and saved billions of rupees property from destruction.

The organization has around 600 staff members in Peshawar among which 150 are fire fighters who are ready round the clock to respond to any call.

Bilal informed that the staff members of Rescue 1122 , from sweeper to DG, have taken special training of rescue and can participate in case of mass emergency.

In the gruesome Army Public School incident, the high brass of the organization was also standing on the spot and other staff members carried out rescue while the operation was going on and bullets were fired from both the sides.

He said while appreciating the performance of Rescue 1122 , the Apex Committee of KP and FATA issued directives for allocation of additional funds of Rs 500 million which will be utilized for opening up four more points in Peshawar .

Bilal said Rescue 1122 has presently around 10 points in Peshawar and four more points will be established soon.

Presently the service of Rescue 1122 is being provided in five districts of KP including Peshawar , Mardan, D.I.Khan, Abbotabad and Swat.

However, he continued, government is also working over a plan of starting service in six more districts including Lower Dir, Chitral, Bannu, Kohat, Swabi and Nowshera.

He said every person who intended to get job in Rescue 1122 has to qualify a physical and medical test which is followed by a six months training in Punjab.

The ambulances of Rescue 1122 are equipped with life-saving machines and medicine. Emergency Medical Treatment at ambulances of Rescue 1122 helped in saving lives of thousands of people, he added.

He said the paramedical staff of the organization is bound to do service in big teaching hospitals on rotation of one month basis to keep on learning skills of meeting emergencies and life-saving.

Our paramedics are regularly performing duties at Khyber Medical Hospital and Hayat Shaheed Medical Hospital for getting training in emergency handling.

In response to a question about hoax calls, Bilal said the organization received such calls on regular basis and the staff has to face difficulties due to this practice.

He said according to constitution a fake caller can face imprisonment for two to three years, but we are avoiding to lodge FIR against them.

About response to the calls of domestic violence or street crime, Rescue official said these calls are diverted to Police emergency.

He said Rescue 1122 provides services to all kind of emergencies including serious ailment, but cannot help in cases of criminal nature.


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