US key hint over the Afghanistan historic peace deal

US key hint over the Afghanistan historic peace deal

ISLAMABAD - Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi Wednesday informed the Senate that the United States (US) had hinted that its peace deal with Taliban would not be mere a peace of paper but to be presented in United Nation Security Council (UNSC) for endorsement.

Giving a policy statement in the Senate on the US-Taliban peace deal signed in Doha on February 29, he said Pakistan was never a part of the deal. “Our role has always been and will always be that of a facilitator,” he said.

He said it was totally inappropriate to place all the responsibility on Pakistan and we could not take all the responsibility for peace in Afghanistan.

“This is a shared responsibility and all stakeholders will have to play their role in this regard, he said.

Qureshi said many powers, interests and motives were involved and now true trust of the Afghan leadership had begun. “Can they rise to the occasion and chart a peaceful way forward or not; only time will tell,” he said.

He said the peace deal signed in Doha was a first major step and the next step was the intra-Afghan dialogue.

This opportunity should not be missed and both the sides should move forward besides demonstrating flexibility in order to get the desirable results, he said.

He said this process would not be easy at all but Afghanistan and its people would suffer if it failed.

He reminded that the war of two decades did not give anything to the Afghan people as war was not a solution to any problem.

The foreign minister said Pakistan had played a role of facilitator between Afghanistan and the US over the peace pact. “We are not guarantor rather we are facilitator,” he added.

“People of Afghanistan have desire of peace and their leaderships will have to come up to the expectation of people” he added.