PM Narendra Modi hits out at poster boys of Pakistan inside India

PM Narendra Modi hits out at poster boys of Pakistan inside India

NEW DELHI - Prime Minister Narendra Modi lacerated the opposition again today for its questions on the air strikes on a Jaish-e Mohammad terror camp. The opposition alliance he said, was working not for the country but Pakistan.

Over the last two days, the opposition has sharpened its attack on the government, questioning the impact of the air strikes in terms of casualty. Its questions have triggered a debate on the matter amid apparently conflicting claims from the BJP and the air force.

Hitting out at the opposition parties which sought proof of the Indian Air Force action, the PM said the air strike happened in Pakistan, but "some of those sitting in India were hit by it". by Taboola link: Sponsored Links link: . link Cancer Causing Foods You Should Never EatOrganic Welcome link

"These "mahamilavati" persons have become poster boys of Pakistan by terming it as an ambassador of peace. They are misleading people of the country and trying to demoralise our armed forces by asking for proofs of the IAF air strike," the Prime Minister said in his address at a political meeting in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh.

The opposition has kept up the pressure on the government in the days following the air strikes.