Kashmir dispute pushed Pak, India to brink of war

Kashmir dispute pushed Pak, India to brink of war

President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan has said Kashmir dispute has pushed nuclear-armed India and Pakistan to the brink of war. In an interview, he said that now the world is interested in Kashmir because they think deteriorating situation in Kashmir is a threat to regional security.

Calling upon international community, he said the world must realize that the core issue between the two countries is the non-resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute. Masood Khan said the global community should activate multilateral diplomacy for the implementation of the U.N. Security Council resolution on the dispute of Kashmir.

Replying a question about the fallout from a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, AJK President said we need to raise consciousness about the unintended consequences of a conflagration between Pakistan and India.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir have been making sacrifices to win their right to self-determination.