India stands isolated on international front: Ch Sarwar

India stands isolated on international front: Ch Sarwar

LAHORE: Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that Indian government is politically isolated and stands exposed on the international as the international powers have rejected India’s war frenzy.

Talking to the mediamen outside the shrine of Hazrat Shah Inayat Qadri here, he said Pakistan had exposed India on the diplomatic front, adding that world powers, today, accept that Pulwama attack allegations were baseless while India is in the habit of staging such incidents in order to hoodwink the world on its high-handedness and atrocities against innocent Kashmiris in the Indian Held Kashmir (IHK).

The Punjab Governor said: “We have convinced the world that Pakistanis are not aggressors and believe in defending the country, adding that we have also urged the international community to play its role in de-escalating tensions between the two nuclear neighbours – Pakistan and India.

To a query, he said the international community understood that India’s war frenzy was not linked with Pulwama attacks but it had roots in upcoming general elections in India.

He said Indian premier Narendra Modi had trumpted war in order to win public sentiment in  April 2019 elections, adding that Modi did not understand that he was pushing the whole region into the fire.

Sarwar said that Pakistan had been appealing to the Indian political leadership, intelligentsia and the masses to avert annihilation through war and reject the war-cry of Modi.

Punjab Governor Sarwar said he had written a letter to 1400 parliamentarians in Britain and the European Union parliaments and requested that Pakistan was a peace-loving country, adding that the unconditional release of the captured Indian Wing Commander Abhnandan Varthama was reflective of country’s desire for durable peace in the South Asia and the world.

He said he had contacted British politicians and a resolution in this regard would be tabled in the British parliament shortly while another draft supporting Pakistan’s stance was being prepared to be presented in the European parliament.

Earlier, Punjab Governor Mohamamd Sarwar laid a floral wreath at the shrine of Hazrat Shah Inayat Qadri and prayed for the longevity and security of the country. He said 200 million Pakistanis stands shoulder to shoulder with the armed forces. The 293rd Urs celebrations of Hazrat Shah Inayat Qadri are in progress in the provincial metropolis these days.