India claims massive cyber attack from Pakistan

India claims massive cyber attack from Pakistan

NEW DELHI - Pakistani hackers attacked over 90 Indian government websites and critical systems, Hindustan Times has reported.

Senior officials in the Indian security establishment said on condition of anonymity.

“There was an unusual surge of activity, attempts to breach systems,” one of these officials added.

So ferocious was the attack that India had to resort to “offensive measures” in the cyber domain to counter them, a second official said.

The officials added that the attackers were not able to breach firewalls and protective measures of critical systems.

Financial systems and power grid management ones were specially targeted, they said.

Interestingly, the attacks on the Indian networks came from Bangladesh – a country that is friendly to India.

“The coordinated manner in which the attacks were carried out and the use of facilities in Bangladesh leaves us with no doubt about the nature of the attack,” the second official said.

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