India under severe pressure from United States

India under severe pressure from United States

NEW DELHI - India is feeling severe pressure from US and would soon engage with the Trump administration on waivers for importing oil from Iran, amid Delhi’s principled position on maintaining ties with Iran without any compromise.

North Korea is a priority for the US and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo <link> would be travelling to Pyongyang between July 5 and 7, forcing postponement of the maiden round of 2+2 Dialogue for the second time.

The two sides, however, are preparing to hold dialogue in the coming months, according to persons familiar with the process.

However, there’s no doubt that the US is putting pressure on India to cut down oil imports from Iran. But India "will explain its case to the Americans", one of the persons quoted above said, adding, "Ultimately, India has to see its national interest. Iran is an important neighbour for us ." India is not stopping import of Iranian oil, it has been learnt. It has also been learnt that Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj <link> had informed her Iranian counterpart that India is studying the provisions of the US sanctions.

“The option of the Rupee-Riyal mechanism <link>is on the table as one of the mechanisms to continue with oil exports from Iran,” said a person familiar with the matter. The US is expected to engage with several countries within the next month on the Iran issue, including India .

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