Analysts call for further strengthening diplomatic, culture ties between Pakistan, Turkey

Analysts call for further strengthening diplomatic, culture ties between Pakistan, Turkey

Turkey is an advance Muslim state with strong economy. Both Pakistan and Turkey enjoy close relations in diverse sectors. Turkish business leaders should take advantage of investor-friendly environment in Pakistan under the PTI-led government. The incumbent government had streamlined the governance system and removed red-tapism and hurdles in Pakistan to facilitate foreign investors.

We want to provide ease of doing business to the businessmen and investors for wealth and jobs creation. Both the countries should strengthen counter-terrorism and security cooperation to fight menace of terrorism joinery.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is visiting different countries, which have potential including Saudi Arabia, China, Malaysia, UAE and now Turkey. The friendly relations between Turkey and Pakistan are getting stronger by the passage of every day. Our cordial cultural and diplomatic connections should be translated into enhanced trade and economic ties to benefit both the brotherly nations. Pakistan can take support of Turkey in energy sector. So far, the trade volume between the two countries is approximately 1 billion dollars that needed to be improved.

The governments of the two countries and their business community should jointly try to increase the volume of bilateral trade for which close contacts between the businessmen of the two countries are imperative. The prime minister met with a delegation of the Turkey-Pakistan Business Council of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey which is positive development.

Pakistan and Turkey have been enjoying good relations since long. The relations between Pakistan and Turkey have grown from cordial to excellent level and now they have further been strengthened over the years. Turkey can support the new Pakistani government in construction of 5 million houses that is main agenda of PM Imran Khan as Turkey has great expertise in this regard.

The recent visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan would open a new chapter of friendship in Pakistan-Turkey relations. Both the countries should improve trade relations and Pakistan could take maximum advantage as Turkey is a gateway to European market.

It is unfortunate that there have been some ambiguities in Pak-Turkey relations in the past. Turkey should offer tariff relaxations to Pakistani products like cotton fabrics, apparel and home textiles, carpets, manmade fibers, plastics and footwear having high export potential in the Turkish market. The stalled process of FTA negotiations between Pakistan and Turkey should be initiated without delay.

Both countries are tied in inseparable bonds of people to people affection based on common faith and objectives and shared destinies as members of Islamic world. Turkey is emerging as a symbol of Islamic community’s glory and unity, as well as a great force of peace and sagacity at the international level.

The situation in Afghanistan is very complex. Peace in Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan and incumbent government of Pakistan has already taken appreciable initiatives for Afghan peace. It is not the sole responsibility of Pakistan to sustain peace in Afghanistan and collective efforts of all stakeholders is imperative for the success peace process.

We have already paid huge price and sacrifices in the war against terrorism. Pakistan should not commit anything at the cost of its own interests and sovereignty.