AJK PM laments India for perpetuating the region of state terrorism

AJK PM laments India for perpetuating the region of state terrorism

MIRPUR (AJk): The AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that there was no instance of atrocities, tyrannies and humiliation of humanity in any part of the world that Indian forces had been committing in the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

He was addressing at Manikpayan refugee camp in suburb of the State’s metropolis to express solidarity with Kashmiri children who had been victim of Indian forces firing. Thousands of youth and children had been continuously martyred by the brute occupation forces in the Held Valley, he added. He said BJP government was particularly hostile against youth and targeting Kashmiri children with pellet guns to frighten the people of Kashmir to abandon their freedom movement but brave Kashmiris are determined to continue it until the goal was achieved.

He said that Indian forces were involved in war crime and crossing all limits of brutalities and state terrorism in IHK. Children of refugee camp had made themselves up like victims of pellet guns which brought the Prime Minister into tears, he expressed.

On this occasion Mr. Haider told the refugees that their sustenance allowance was increased from within the budget of the State. He assured them that his government would do all to provide them basic amenities of life for which budget had already been earmarked.

The Prime Minister announced water supply scheme for refugees, bridge from Srinagar road to refugee camp, cleanliness of camp and making the streets of the camp metaled. He also inaugurated several development schemes in the camp which have been completed with the cooperation of local government.

He said he realizes the tough situation being faced by refugees. He also lauded the courage of people living close to LoC who were combating Indian forces shelling along with the armed forces from across the border. Haider also kicked off tree plantation drive by planting a sapling of Chinar attributing it the children who were subjected to Indian forces aggression.

Later, a rally was held which was led by the Prime Minister to express solidarity with the Kashmiri children.

Speaking to the participants of the rally, the Prime Minister repeated that India had crossed all limits of tyrannies against the children. He revealed that he would again visit Europe next month to apprise the international community on latest situation obtaining in Occupied Kashmir. He said he was also expecting meeting with foreign minister to discuss the situation of Kashmir and to formulate a strategy on it after a detailed discussion.