Pakistani NSA Moeed Yusuf hits out against India over Occupied Kashmir

Pakistani NSA Moeed Yusuf hits out against India over Occupied Kashmir

On Friday, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on National Security Dr Moeed Yusuf link said India had failed to crush the Kashmiris’ freedom struggle post revocation of the special status of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

On Kashmir Solidarity Day, the SAPM said its illegal actions had rather increased hatred among all the Kashmiris and dragged it into a quagmire.

He said the EU DisinfoLab report and Pakistan’s dossier highlighting the Indian state-sponsored terrorism on its soil were clear and eye opening evidence for the world.

“The problem is that the next logical action to be taken by the world should be based on moral, ethical and legal grounds to hold India accountable and punish the perpetrators within India involved in violence and human rights abuses along with demographic changes and genocidal acts being perpetrated in IIOJK is not considered.”

India should be held accountable for illegal occupation in Kashmir: Moeed Yusuf link

Dr Moeed said India should be held accountable for illegal occupation link of the Jammu and Kashmir and penalised for massacre, mass rapes and maiming of innocent Kashmiri youth, women and children.

The SAPM said February 5 this year was different for two reasons. Firstly the Kashmiri people had been under military siege for another full year since last February 5 amid communication blockade and a domicile law aimed at diluting the demography and their culture. It was unbearable for any Pakistani.

Secondly, he added, by the grace of the Almighty India’s true face was exposed to the world not only by Pakistan’s efforts to highlight its hegemonic and fascist designs, but also by independent voices of legislators, human rights organizations, and media of the West.

The EU DisinfoLab report also brought fore India’s ugly face.

“What more evidence does the world need to know that they are dealing with a rogue government in India deliberately spreading lies against Pakistan.”

Illegitimate govt has no right to decide the future of Kashmiris: Fazlur Rehman link

He expressed the hope that by next February 5 the situation would be different as Pakistan would be able to force India to take the right steps for liberating the IIOJK. He, however, acknowledged that there was no overnight solution available and the struggle would take some time to reach its logical conclusion.

“Pakistan is pursuing all diplomatic and legal channels to achieve its goal of getting the Kashmiris their just and acknowledged right of self-determination.”

Dr Moeed said former Indian ministers like Yashvant Sinha and others had revealed that India as a state was lying to the world on the Kashmir Issue.

He mentioned that if India had achieved its ambition in the IIOJK then why was there a military curfew, communications blockade, killings of innocent Kashmiris with burial miles away from the occupied valley and deployment of 900,000 troops to barricade 8 million Kashmiris.

He said he had been pushing for an unapologetic, proactive, and pragmatic approach of Pakistan on the issue. “Wherever there are weaknesses, we must introspect and improve.

Pakistan asks UNSC to execute Kashmir resolutions: FM link

But we have not done anything that should make us shy of presenting our view forcefully to the world, without any hesitation or concern of upsetting others. We must be self-confident and sure of our own narrative if we want to gain the world’s respect and force them to understand that we mean business.”

Dr Moeed observed that the resistance in IIOJK had now been picked up by the world as India was regularly facing criticism for its crimes against humanity from the West.

He said Pakistan was ready to move forward and use dialogue to get to a final solution but it could not happen without Indian actions to create an enabling environment. It would have to reverse and end its follies in Kashmir and stop perpetrating terrorism against Pakistan.