Is Finance Minister Asad Umar being sacked?

Is Finance Minister Asad Umar being sacked?

ISLAMABAD - Asad Umar is reportedly being sacked from his post as Finance Minister due to his dismal performance during the first 100 days, media reports claimed on Wednesday.

It has been reported that the prime minister has decided to replace Umar with someone else. Shamshad Akhter, the former caretaker FM and Governor State Bank is being named among the top contenders to replace Asad Umar.

While speaking to a private TV channel, Umar said he has just spoken to Prime Minister Imran Khan who has asked him to continue working and not to pay any heed to media reports.

“These fake news are part of a propaganda to fail you and to distract you from your job, you must not pay attention to this garbage and continue your work as finance minister,” Asad Umar said quoting PM Imran.

Similar rumors had been making rounds the other day that Asad Umar, after a dispute with Jehangir Tareen and Raza Dawood, has tendered his resignation.

However, Jahangir Tareen refuted the reports requesting media channels not to air any news until confirmation. Asad Umar had also refuted any such development.