Pakistan-Ukraine to enhance bilateral ties: Ambassador

Pakistan-Ukraine to enhance bilateral ties: Ambassador

ISLAMABAD (APP): Ukrainian Ambassador to Pakistan Volodymyr Lakomov has said that Ukraine wanted transfer of its agro- science knowledge to Pakistan for development of the sector and further boost collaboration in the field.

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Talking to APP here Monday, the ambassador said that Ukraine is a largest grain producer with having great experience in this field and wanted the promotion of agriculture sector as Pakistan is an agriculture country and majority of the population of the country depend on this important sector.

To a question, he said that both countries are enjoying the best cordial relationship hoping more agreements would be signed between the two countries in future.

Volodymyr said that "We strongly believe that there is a need to enhance trade between the two countries by focusing ondiversification. In my opinion, trade potential exists as Ukraine - with its mining expertise, power generation, avionics and aerodynamics - can be a negotiating hub for transfer of technology to Pakistan,".

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The Ambassador told that trade volume between Pakistan and Ukraine during fiscal year 2015-16 stood at $110 million, of which commodities worth $39.45 million were exported to Ukraine and Pakistan's import stood at $70.34 million while having reached its historical maximum of around $0.5 billion in 2014.

He said the states working to enhance business-to-business (B2B) interaction between Pakistan and Ukraine is key to bolsterbilateral relations specially in trade sector.

To a question, he appreciated the steps which was taken by the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the promotion of bilateral trade and economic cooperation between the two countries demonstrated positive tendency to its intensification.

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He said that Pakistan and Ukraine have 24-year diplomatic relations which were rested on mutual beneficial cooperation, and reliable and trustworthy dialogue between both countries.

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