Pakistan's novel coronavirus cases tally to hit 50,000

Pakistan's novel coronavirus cases tally to hit 50,000

*ISLAMABAD - **Pakistan's novel coronavirus cases tally to hit 50,000, a government report has revealed.*

*Pakistan’s coronavirus cases will reach over 50,000 by April 25, the government told the Supreme Court on Saturday.*

The government submitted the Corona National Action Plan’s report in court.

It included a report on behalf of the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination additional secretary (incharge), the national plan of action for coronavirus, sales tax exemption notifications by the FBR, an advisory for prevention and containment of the virus, guidelines for a safe and dignified burial, the notification to form the National Coordination Committee on COVID, an agreement signed between the National Program of Health Poverty and Education Rehabilitation and all private hospitals.

In its report, the government wrote around 7,000 cases are expected to be critical in nature while around 2,500 could be a cause for concern.

The total number of cases in Pakistan are expected to be lower than that of countries in Europe, the report read.