Pakistan China have decided to take CPEC to next levels

Pakistan China have decided to take CPEC to next levels

ISLAMABAD - Planning Minister Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar says scope of CPEC has been expanded with focus on industrial and agriculture cooperation, socio-economic development, trade and market access.

Chairing a meeting in Islamabad on Friday, he said creation of CPEC Business Council, with representation from private sector leading associations and companies in various areas, will accelerate the pace of industrialization under the umbrella of mega project.

The Minister said focus is to boost Pakistan’s industrial capacity through joint ventures in priority areas, relocation of labor-intensive export led industry, SME’s collaboration and enhance vocational training capacity.

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister's Advisor Abdul Razak Dawood said the stage is now set to expedite industrial collaboration to attract private investments and diversify country’s exports.

He said production of finished goods is the topmost priority, which will help Pakistan in reducing trade deficit.