ISIS threats US, ridicules Donald Trump

ISIS threats US, ridicules Donald Trump

CAIRO: An Islamic State group spokesperson called on Tuesday for countries attacking it to be targeted, in an audio recording in which he also insulted US President Donald Trump.

The recording posted on militant sites online was Abulhassan al-Muhajer’s first since December.

Since then, Islamic State has been under sustained assault in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and also in Syria.

Muhajer said, “The bankrupt United States was run by an ugly idiot who doesn’t know what Syria is, what Iraq is, and what Islam is.”

He said Washington should apologise for the past and retreat or face consequences, urging what he called “the caliphate’s soldiers” to attack “the criminal infidels”.

Iraqi forces have been engaged in a grinding battle for west Mosul since last month, prompting more than 200,000 civilians to flee the city.

The militants also face an offensive against their bastion Raqa in northern Syria conducted by a Kurdish and Arab coalition supported by the US-led coalition fighting the group.

Islamic State has suffered heavy losses over the past two years in both countries.