Afghan president begins two-day visit to Indonesia

Afghan president begins two-day visit to Indonesia

JAKARTA (APP): Visiting Afghan President Ashraf Ghani held talks Wednesday with his Indonesian counterpart on ways to promote a moderate version of Islam and other issues.

Ghani, the first Afghan president to visit the world's largest Muslim-populated nation, is scheduled to go on to Singapore after his two-day stay.

He praised Indonesia's "remarkable story" in defusing conflict and practising statesmanship, adding: "We would like to join you in interpreting Islamic civilisation as rahmatan lil alamin (a blessing for the whole world)."Afghanistan's official religion is Islam.

Ghani's talks with President Joko Widodo also focused on cooperation in trade, education and agriculture and ways in which Indonesia could help to achieve peace in war-torn Afghanistan.

"Indonesia welcomes the efforts by the Afghan government to achieve peace and Indonesia shared our experiences in peace and reconciliation," Widodo said.

Ghani is scheduled to visit Jakarta's Istiqlal mosque, Southeast Asia's largest, and meet clerics from the country's major Islamic organisations.