Retired Supreme Court Judge to head Judicial Commission over Panama Leaks: PM Nawaz Sharif 

ISLAMABAD: While announcing to form a high-level Judicial Commission over Panama Leaks, PM Nawaz said that his family is being targeted by few people for their political designs.


While addressing the nation here at Tuesday night PM said that he is here to say something personal for the first time in his political life adding that he wanted to present some facts about the business of his family.


PM Nawaz took the nation into confidence saying that his father started his business from Lahore and laid foundation of Itefaq Foundry before the formation of Pakistan while this foundry had become industrial institution till the existence of Pakistan.


PM Nawaz added that a factory of steel had been set up by his father in Saudi Arabia which his father also got loan from Saudi banks to invest in this steel factory but this factory had been sold out with all assets after few years.


PM clarified that his sons Hassan and Hussain started their business with the amount, received after the sale of steel factory in Saudi Arabia.  


He further made it clear that he does not have any connection with the revelations of Panama leaks and if someone has proofs of corruption against him and his family, they should go in Judicial Commission to prove these allegations against them.


PM said that retired judge will lead the judicial commission that will probe into the allegations, imposed on his family over Panama leaks.


While defending his sons, PM added that if his sons run their business in Pakistan, they are criticized and when they started their business abroad then they have to face the same criticism.