Imran warned to stage protest if PTI workers are not released

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced to stage protest if PTI workers are not released in cases of section 144 violation during PTI Sit-in protest in Islamabad.


As per details, Imran Khan arrived at anti-terrorist court to express his solidarity with PTI workers who have been nominated in parliament and PTV attack case during sit-in protest here at D-Chowk.


While talking to media Imran said that 23 political parties confirmed our stance of rigging in 2013 general elections and PTI only demanded to verify votes of four constituencies while rigging proved in 4 constituency when they were opened by Election Commission of Pakistan.


Imran made it clear that rigging is a crime but unfortunately, protestors are being compelled to appear in court for justice instead of catching criminals. Those who are involved in money laundering cases and sent their money abroad illegally, are moving freely but cases of terrorism are being filed on poor people of Pakistan.


Imran questioned that are these people above the law? Investigation has started in all over the world on Panama leaks but no one is ready to start investigation in Pakistan against politicians on Panama Leaks revelations, who will hold them accountable? Imran questionned.