Facebook introduces technology for the blinds to see the image 

WASHINGTON: Social media Facebook introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for the blinds and visually impaired users to see images.


Facebook team launched software featured “automatic alternative text” which is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones.


Facebook officials claimed that there are millions of people suffering from blindness and visual impairment who are excluded from photo conversation on Facebook.


Officials said “We want to build technology that helps the blind community experience Facebook the same way others enjoy.”


Facebook engineer Matt King said “We need a solution to that problem if people who cannot see photos and understand what’s in them are going to be part of the community and get the same enjoyment and benefit out of the platform as other people can.”


Currently the “automatic alternative text” is available in English language for iOS users in certain countries.


Company is further working on the software and it will be available in different languages and on different platforms soon.