Diamer Bhasha Dam fund: Latest on the funds collection

Diamer Bhasha Dam fund: Latest on the funds collection

*ISLAMABAD - The fund collection for construction of Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand dams has reached Rs 4.4 billion, the latest figures reveal.*

Until Sep 26, the country wise data showed that within Pakistan an amount of Rs 3,928,982,836 (Rs3.92 billion) was collected through bank branches, interbank transfers and mobile phone SMS service. Now, another Rs 0.5 billion has been added to the fund through donations in last eight days.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sep 7 addressed the nation, appealing them –especially overseas Pakistanis – to help Pakistan avert looming water crisis and donate for construction of dams.

The fund collection currently stands at Rs 4,456,720,907 (Rs 4.4 billion).

The Fund has been established by the SBP on the directions of the Supreme Court. All the commercial and micro-finance banks, and field offices of SBP Banking Services Corporation have opened the Fund account to receive donations in cash, and through cheques, pay orders and demand drafts at all their branches across the country.