Another PTI lawmaker threatens Assistant Commissioner

Another PTI lawmaker threatens Assistant Commissioner

MUZAFFARGARH – An alleged audio clip of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf lawmaker Khurram Leghari has surfaced on social media in which he can be heard threatening Jatoi tehsil assistant commissioner during a telephone call.

The incident occurred on the same day when SACM Dr. Firdous Ashiq scolded Sialkot AC during her visit to Ramadan bazaar.

In the leaked audio call, the ruling party leader angrily asked the administrative officer that he had not to get a Ramadan bazaar tour despite requested him to do so. Jatoi AC Mohammad Arshad Virk told him that the battery of his phone had run out and however, now, he can visit the bazaar at any time.

AC then told him that there were no issues with commodities and asked the MPA to visit the Jatoi city Ramazan Bazaar. However, Mr. Leghari out of nothing got furious and told the AC he was ready to fight if he desired so. If you want to fight, I am coming. Tell me where I need to come, he added.

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Meanwhile, as the leaked clip went viral on social media, AC while speaking with a media outlet refuted any issues in local Ramadan bazaars. He also alleged that the MPA was actually annoyed because he had refused to give a favour to him in a land dispute case that was in his court.

PTI lawmaker from Muzaffargarh is an active member of PTI’s estranged leader Jahangir Khan Tareen group.